*she nailed it...*

{as i was reading my morning blogs...i clicked on one of my new favorites...madebyhank and noticed she had a pretty long post. i normally do not read the long posts that people write on their blogs...i guess i am a picture person...but her title "series of fortunate events (and an overwhelmingly wonderful response)" caught my eye and made me start to read what she had to posted....i read the whole post...from top to bottom...and katie henry nailed it on the head. for those of you that buy handmade items from etsy or craft shows...but have never heard about what goes into making these items that you buy....read her post. i think you will appreciate buying handmade items so much more...because what she wrote is a perfect description of those who work a full time one person business.
oh and check out her new purple bags...i have never been a big purple fan...
but she just made me one!}
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