*head of the class*

{this weekend was the 16th annual Decatur Holiday Marketplace...
in case you haven't checked my blog in a while...}
{here are some highlights...}
{Clairemont Elementary School in Decatur}

{our booth...it's at the head of the class...oh and that gap on my stand...i had sold a tee! yay!}
{lancaster west...a fellow beehiver and friend}
{redbirdink...you all know i love her work!}

{the second part to the show was the cafe!!}

{all sorts of goodies....yum!!}

{my friend lula, from lula belle stopped by to check out the show!! we also had other visitors!! our friends matt and jenn and our friend andrea who flew in from Florida...not just for my show...but it was a priority of hers to come and see it! thanks friends..hehe }

{my number one fan...my b. i couldn't have done this show without him. he was there for me from the beginning to the end! he also was the one who captured all these pictures...except this one....thanks b!!!}
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