*oh...a shower gift...for tomorrow?*

{yep..on thursday...i had a last minute task to do...b e-mailed me and asked me if i would be able to put together a baby shower gift for one of the senior associates at his office...he told me the amount the office pitched in for the gift and that he would need it for for friday... luckily he told me mid-morning and of course i said...no problem! then i started to think...uh...they will have bibs and onesies coming out their ears if i just did my typical plum.tree.studio items. so i brainstormed and came up with some ideas...
i drove to the beehive to pick out two plum.tree shirts but also i knew of some other items i wanted to add to the mix..
so here it all is...this is what i was able to pull together...prewarning...these were taken at night after a long day of pulling it all together...so they are not the best pictures..

{2 burp cloths, 2 bibs (rolled)}

{a "pink" Sweet T baby cap by fellow beehiver Erica...i love these caps!!}

{a banana bike onesie}

{a red floral tree tee for later}

{a "lulu" doll by blabla from the beehive ...i've always thought these dolls were so adorable!}

{the last item to tie everything together was a cotton candy custom sally tote bag....
from what b told me last night...it turned out to be a really great gift...not bad for last minute huh?}
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