*i'm all ears*

{back in the day (okay many days ago) when i decided to get my ears pierced..we ventured into the nearest Claire's and had the gal who was working behind the counter put little bitty diamond-like studs in my ears. unfortunately...i picked the wrong day to go. it just so happens..i got the girl who decided to make one hole right smack dab in the middle of my lobe (perfect!) and the other dangerously close the the very bottom of my lobe (uh..not so perfect). thanks to this lovely lady...i have been forced to wear stud earrings. trust me...it's very hard to find some fun, colorful and age appropriate stud earrings.

..until today...i found an earring designer who i believe was thinking of people like me when she created her collection!! ;) }
{age appropriate...}
not into stud earrings...don't worry she has dangle earrings...
oh and these adorable but mature hair pins!!}
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