*very clever*

{as i was reading the forums on etsy...i came a cross this listing that was created by a vendor protesting the CPSIA act....this is what the listing in their shop reads:}

Let me introduce you to "ball of wool". He is made of 100% natural, unaltered American milled wool, and tap water. Should changes not be made before the legislation takes effect February 10th, this may be the only item I can sell without fear of prosecution. But he's a fun little...err.. guy, right? You can do lots of stuff with him... like... watch him sit. Or, watch him roll. Or... watch him collect dust.

He's a happy little fellow, I assure you, as you can tell from his expression... You have to use your imagination there as any dyed embroidery thread I would use to give him expression could be deemed toxic...

"ball of wool" is available in a multitude of colors, starting at $1500 and up (to cover the mandatory lead testing). Please convo me for a quote! :)

*** also please note... ball of wool has a slight 'natural' odor**** (eeeewww!)

wondering why this person listed a ball of wool as a toy?? haven't heard about the cpsia..here's a little info to get you up to speed (as posted in the above etsy shop listing):


& for an update posted by matt on etsy...read here:

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