{hey! so my guests are gone...jenny and shiloh left this afternoon...so sad..i'll miss them a lot. BUT i do have good news....this past week while they were here...i managed to create a tee for shiloh. i wanted something spring-ish so i decided to put a dragonfly on a solid white lap tee. what you can't see is that this lap tee is actually short sleeved. it was chilly yesterday so she had on a long sleeved onesie underneath her new tee.}

{here's another shot of the tee...i think it turned out super cute. it's such a perfect tee for spring and summer. i've decided that i'm going to put this applique in my etsy shop. this applique won't be limited to just lap tees..i can make this on larger sizes as well as onesies...so if you are interested check back tomorrow...it should be in my shop by then.}

**i love this photo**
{OH! do you remember this tank?...it's the one i made for victoria last summer...
i called it the "jailbait" butterfly tank...}

{...well i decided to add this to my etsy shop too! i really liked how it turned out and i'm not sure why i didn't offer it then but if you like it...it's in my etsy shop now.}
{p.s. i'm getting closer to 100 sales....stay tuned for what happens
when my shop reaches 100 sales!}
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