*reliving the 80's...*

{...in a good way. growing up...i used to love anything that you put in your hair..scrunchies in the hundreds..whatever fabric we could get our hands on..we made a scrunchy....i loved the plastic barrettes in all the sizes and shapes....those rubber bands with the big colorful balls that clinked when you wrapped them around your pony tail...oh and don't forget one of my favorites!!}
ribbon barrettes!!
the colors that you could get them in and the fact that you could make them for yourself and your friends was even better...well they are back and those of us that remember these will be thrilled to know that you can get them on etsy! no...you don't have to go and find all the materials to make them...Retro80s sells them on etsy!
she has a ton of different colors to choose from...

getting excited to buy some?? these would be perfect for birthday party giveaways...

check out her shop here...

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