*you'll never know...**

{....how much just reading the words "support committee" mean to me. tears of joy stream down my face as i write this. don't get me wrong, i'm very curious to see what's to come. ;) thank you....it's made my day....my week...so much brighter and it's lifted my spirits!}
{for those of you that are lost...and i'm sure there are some that are. this support committee is for the little itty bitty c. i have not yet announced what this is. but i guess this is the time to do so...
my husband and i have been on a very special journey for about three years. one that we had hoped wouldn't have taken this long. it's been an emotional journey and full of heartache but we finally have hope and feel that our dreams and prayers will be answered by the end of next year.
what am i talking about?
my husband and i are in the process of adopting a baby from South Korea...and little itty bitty c is our blog that we started when we decided to begin the adoption process.}
{this card was sent to me by three very special people...two of them being my amazing sisters and the other a friend who i have never meant in person but only share a strong bond through the internet. having people like this in my life has helped me to stay strong and have kept me positive. they've been my outlet...and now they have gathered to do something special for me. i'm so touched. so appreciative. thank you cara, jen and rachel!
i sooo look forward to what's to come. xo}

{p.s. card is by letterpress delicacies}
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