*creating art with sparklers*

{after the birthday party had died down and the sky started to darken...the younger cousins asked if they could light some of the left over sparklers. realizing that i had a fireworks option on my camera...i started to take some photos (the one above) of them while they played with the glowing wands...after reviewing these photos..i thought some of them turned out so amazingly cool that i decided to show lori (julie's aunt...who also loves to take photos) my sparkler pictures. she too had the option on her camera and came up with an idea that she saw a while back...creating words with sparklers....like LOVE....}

{photo by lori}

{we had so much fun creating the "love" picture that we decided to do names...
easy ones like ben....}

{and then shapes....i loved these!!}

{something so simple as a sparkler turned into beautiful art....}

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