*taking a stroll*

{while we were home...we (my sisters, my nieces, b and i) took a stroll down the street of where my dad and step mom live...a street that i grew up on...this is why i have such a love for older homes and their charm...}
{v lead the way on her big wheel bike...notice the flags that are hung from the front porches? they are always displayed even if it's not the 4th of july.}
{the street is lined with an array of homes...}
{and gardens....}

{victoria stopped along the way to pick some "flowers" for me}

{even shiloh enjoyed the stroll...kicking up her feet and taking in the scenery...}

{when my dad and step mom were looking for a house...i was lucky enough to be with them to tour this home...it was too small for our family of six.}

{can you see why you'd fall in love with older homes while living on this street?}
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