{while b and i were indiana, b was able to go through his old bedroom closet. he had a bunch of boxes to go through and a lot of it was things he didn't want to keep...but he had some old toys and two of them just happened to be apart the fisher price woodsey collection (log house & tree house)! i had this set too growing up and i used to play with these two houses (both pictured below) and the woodseys for hours! i was so happy to see that he had them and they were in such good condition. they will be put in safe keeping for when our little one arrives...and when the time is right and little one is older...he or she will be able to play with the woodsey set too.}

{oh and i happened to look online for the woodsey collection and found an etsy seller who has the treehouse (picture above) in case you'd like to have one too...oh and i found an item i don't remember having...this one below..i'm half tempted to buy it and add it to the collection. ha!}

{did you have this collection growing up too?}
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