*what to stuff*

{so i need some help...b and i will be putting together Oliver's Christmas package early next month. this package will be a little different...not only because it's going to be his Christmas package but this package will be hand delivered by our church friend and neighbor, ML. who just so happens to be the sweetest person ever. ML is going to South Korea around thanksgiving week and asked if there was anything she could do for us or Oliver while she was there. we told her she could deliver his Christmas package for us and she so sweetly said she would be honored to! so i need some help. i want to make this package a little more special then our typical monthly package...after all it's his second Christmas. oh and since this will be our 8th care package...we've sent so many different items...i'm kind of running out of things to send besides the typical clothes, socks, snacks and a toy or stuffed animal. you can see what we've sent in the past here. also...we have to be mindful of the limited luggage space that ML will have. lots to think about huh? that's how i feel... so do you have any ideas? i'd love to hear them. we have all month to think about it so i thought i would ask now....thanks a bunch!}

{p.s. i want to get this stocking for him for when he's home next Christmas...i hope.}
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