{i had an order for two custom ships ahoy tees this month...the custom part about them was the size. i typically do sizes from 0-3 months up to 5/6t. both of the shirts needed to be size 7/8. the bad part about this is once you go over 5/6t...the color choices are different in larger sizes then the ones i typically stock. so the heather grey that i have been using for the ships ahoy applique...well it wasn't available in the larger sizes...weird i know. so we had to pick a different color....baby blue. i personally LOVE how it turned out...and i've decided this will be the new summer color for our ships ahoy tee.}

{the second tee needed to be for a girl. so i had to add a little girly-ness to it. i changed out the sails and flag to fabrics that had some red and pink. then after some debate...i changed the color of the boat from navy to brown. after all that i knew the white water would not work on the white background...so i used the baby blue ric rac i had and i LOVED how it popped on the shirt. i like it so much that i think i'm going to offer it as a new option...what do you think?}

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