*photo shoot location*

{so i think you all can finally guess that the pictures were from my photo shoot this weekend. they were all done on the grounds of the Riverwood Mansion in Nashville, TN. everything was shot outside...where there were so many amazing spots to choose from....}

{a favorite of mine was the enclosed tunnel...above}

{the butterfly chair was used for a couple of our shots...}
{after the shoot was completed...we got to take a look at the interior of the mansion. i was curious to see the inside since it had been 8 years since i had been inside. our friends cory and julie got married at the mansion and we were lucky to be apart of the wedding party. it still had the amazing character that i remembered..}
{i wouldn't have been able to do the photo shoot without my amazing friend, julie. yes...she's the one who got married at the mansion. she took on the task of being my "booking manager" and my photo stylist. she did it all. thank you friend!!}
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