*speaking of buttons...*

{last night as i was packaging up these button ties (above)...i remembered my sister talking to me about a good idea. the idea was for a birthday party. she mentioned that it would be fun to have button ties made for one of my niece's birthday parties. the button ties could be used in the birthday party goody bags! i thought it was a great idea. the button ties could be custom created...you know...base the theme of the button ties off of the party or maybe make them all reflect a favorite item that the birthday girl loves....like horses or hedgehogs.
thought it was a great idea and wanted to share...if you are interested e-mail me @ plumtreestudio@gmail.com. it would be a lot of fun to create something custom for a birthday party giveaway.}
{Oh...and something new...these new snowmen will be going into the shop today....}

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