*dyi paper poufs*

{right before my photo shoot, i created these tissue paper poufs. i wanted to use them as hair decorations for the little girls to wear. i created them in different shades of pink and in some different sizes. i didn't have a whole lot of time but if i did...i know now that i would have added different shades of color to some of the poufs rather then them all being monochromatic. i also would have made some even bigger and smaller so that we could have added multiples to each of the little girl's hair styles. these poufs are so much fun and so easy to make...}
they can be used for all types of things like:
1. gift wrapping...big or small
2. dinner parties - using them on backs of chairs, napkins, placing them on the dinner plates...
3. baby shower table decorations
4. dress up...i can see big ones being fun for dress up!
5. room decorations...there are the big ones you can buy...but these can be added to ribbon and hung on a wall....
interested in making them...just go over to designing moms to see my tutorial. enjoy!!
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