*make your own*

{a while back i picked up this long sleeved white shirt from old navy...i don't remember why but i knew that my niece v would be able to fit into it by now...so i told my sister that i was going to be sending her the shirt...i knew v would get a lot of use out of a long sleeved white shirt...and my sister's response was...what no applique? so after i got off the phone...i knew i couldn't just send her a boring old white shirt...but i didn't have time to do an applique like i typically do...so i took one of my favorite fabrics and cut a bunch of small hearts out of it...i prepped the hearts for appliqueing. i then put them in a baggy with instructions on how to apply them...little did i know that this little "kit" was going to be such a fun treat for v!}

{the shirt and the hearts...}

{v arranging her hearts...}

{momma showing v how to "attach" the hearts...after getting safety instructions from mom...v ironed on her other hearts...}

{v's new "falling hearts" tee....sweet huh?}
{pictures via v's momma}

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