{i wanted to share some photos with you..these pictures show you all of the outfits that Mimi (aka my friend julie's mom) created for the three girls to wear each day they went to the Disney parks...
{let's just say Mimi has got some talent...take a look...}

{last day at Magic Kingdom (third trip)...}

{oh and each outfit had matching bows and shoes...}

{Animal Kingdom...you can't really see in this picture...the bottom of the shorts have multiple loops of various animal print ribbons...Mimi told me it took her two hours per each pair of shorts to create the ribbon detail.}

{Hollywood Studios}
{Magic Kingdom...second trip with two extra girls...oh and yes...they got matching outfits too!)
{Epcot...notice the adorable red sneakers they all have on??}
{the two days that we were with them (first two pictures)...i can't tell you how many people commented on how cute the girls were in their outfits...it was fun to see people's reactions...way to go Mimi!!}
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