*Peace and Love w/ Amy Butler*

{Aren't these beautiful?? These are all inspirational pictures from Amy Butler's newest collection called...LOVE}
{while I was at the quilt shop the other day, I had no idea that she had launched a new collection...but ended up buying a couple of fat quarters from it...i fell in love with these three below...}

{i adore this design...it reminds me of silk scarves...i used this one and the light green one for bibs and burp cloths. i believe bibs and burp cloths don't have to be created in childish fabrics all the time...mothers enjoy having lovely fabrics draped over their shoulder too....even if they are using it to wipe the drool off their little one's face. ;) }

{Amy Butler's newest line is offered in cottons, flannels, home decor AND laminate!}
{check out her newest collection here...}

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