*before the weekend...*

{i wanted to get your feedback on this new tee...}
{first let me tell you i used this fabric that is shown only because it was the first fabric i put my hand on...looks kind of like a Christmas fabric...but this applique is not intended as just a Christmas applique...with that said...}
{my intention on creating this applique was to dress up a simple white tee. i create a ton of appliques for little girls...but i was thinking about creating an applique that could be used in multiple fabrics and one that would look dressed up enough to wear to a party or sunday service (e.g., a skirt and pair of tights)...or worn casually (e.g., a pair of jeans and a cardigan). my idea was a ribbon...a ribbon can be dressy right? i sketched a ton of ribbons...the more i sketched...the more i liked this Laura Ingalls type ribbon. to me it felt dressy and yet playful. so i'm thinking this can be done in a ton of fabrics (basically any color you can think of) and it can be created on long or short sleeved tees, lap tees and even one-pieces.
so what do you think?
love it? hate it?}
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