*Happy 5th Beehive!*

{this past saturday, b and i got to help the beehive co-op celebrate it's 5th year
being opened!}
{we got ready, took some outdoor pictures and then went to the hive a
little early to help set up...}

{the hive's manager, mrs. malene davis (lani to me) and myself. i was so excited to finally get our picture! luckily we took this before the party started! lani and i have been friends since day one. lani-girl is an amazing person to have as a friend. she's like a book of knowledge you want to keep in your back pocket...i try to be a sponge and soak up whatever she throws my way. she has been such an enormous help to me and my company....she's my lani-girl!}

{we couldn't go without a shot of me by my booth...i have since updated and changed things around....hehe}

{the food and dessert set up was amazing. i couldn't eat a whole lot due to some medications...but the items i did have were wonderful! the cupcakes pictured above were from our fellow beehiver, pink butterfly sweet shop...they are actually delivered fresh every day at the beehive! oh and they were gone by the night was done! not surprised! this way too cute cake pictured above...was created by another fellow beehiver...jacqeline sanchez
just for the party!}

{the event was so much fun. being able to talk with other designers and meet their husbands was a real treat! b and i left the party right before it ended...we were so glad we could be apart of the beehive's celebration! Happy 5th Year Beehive!!!}
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