*bunnies by the bay*

{have you heard of this brand? i had seen it before many months ago when i was shopping with my aunt. i fell in love with this one piece below...the stripes...the duck's bill...it was the sweetest one piece i had ever seen. simplistic and super soft.}

{so on black friday...my friend julie and i were sucked into the bunnies by the bay stand at dillards. we were ooohing and ahhing over everything they had...from clothes...to slippers...}
{like these that say flippers and floppers. tooooo cute! we probably looked at their items for over 20 minutes...each new item needed to be talked about. there was one item that i just could not pass up...it pulled at my heart strings..}

{it was this bear...yeah...it's a stuffed animal...and it's super duper soft and cuddly...but on that little blanket of his is a statement that caught my eye and i knew right then and there that i had to have it. the saying...."together at last". enough said...that's all i needed it to say in order to make it a valid purchase. so on black friday...i bought a gift for our baby. it was the best purchase of the day!}
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