*changes in 2010*

{b and i got to make some graham cracker houses during Christmas...this is his. i LOVE the creativity he put into it! look at the adorable snowman made from my favorite...gum drops & pretzels!}
{well i've been thinking of some things...things that i really want to change, launch...and celebrate...so i'm thinking i'm going to wait to share that information...how about in 2010...i'll let you know? ;)
you know...2010 is going to bring some nice new changes...not to mention...a bundle of joy to the plum.tree household!! yipeeeee! i hope you all have a wonderful New Years!!! i'm going to enjoy the last remaining days b has off...so i'll be back next monday with all sorts of news! xo!}
{my dainty little house...see the little logs with snow?}
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