*a dress*

{i finally got one...one i never thought i'd ever like. i tried it on and it felt so good....it was so hard finding a dress this year. did anyone else experience this? or did you all have one already stashed and didn't have to go searching?}
{there were not a whole lot of choices at the mall this year. j.crew did not have their normal stock and i didn't care for any of banana's dresses.....but i'm glad to say that i've got that task done. i even found a nice long beaded necklace to wear with it and a fancy little vintage ring! so far so good! now all i need to do is figure out if i want to wear a cardigan or just wear my lovely purple scarf/shaw....i'm thinking i'll wear black tights with my grey patent leather heels or should i do grey textured tights instead....hmmmm....choices...choices... }
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