*Oh Callaway...*

{since b and i won't be going home to indiana for Christmas, we decided to make the most of what was around us. on sunday, we drove down to Callaway Gardens for their
{it was pretty chilly and we knew that it was only going to get colder....so we picked up a hot chocolate for b and a hot apple cider for me. we were hoping this would help
warm us for the trolly ride...}

{this was amazing...they called it the Twin Trees...it was even more beautiful after you passed it. these two trees were on the edge of the lake...so the water reflected the lights...}
{those drinks we got before the ride...they didn't last long...it was pretty cold with the wind and wooden benches...we were so glad we brought a blanket...}
{my favorite part...if you go...you'll see why. it was too hard to capture...but it just took my breath away...}

{the last part of the part of the ride was a swan and this fixture that were in the lake....so pretty...it's worth the drive to see the Festival of Lights...just remember to bundle up (hats, gloves and scarves included) and bring a blanket or two! you will be so happy you went!}
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