*renovation on the brain*

{b and i have decided to tackle our living room again...we will start the project next month. so we have been brainstorming about all the items that will need to be addressed...and there will be some changes in deed...the main reason why we are doing this project is...well our baby will hopefully be coming home this next year...we want to make sure this much used room will be complete by then....but before we start thinking of the "after"...we need to look at the before...}
{these first couple pictures are actually how we saw the living room for the very first time...i just want to point out that for some reason the day that we walked through...i had to lift up the skirt on one of those pretty pink wing back chairs. i was shocked to find a very large variety of pots and pans hiding under each chair...yes...all you had to do was flip up the skirt and pull out a pan. oh and those lovely drapes...the previous owner left those for us...can you guess where they went?}

{the living room was being used for two functions...sitting and eating....the doorway is to the eat in kitchen.}

{this a very difficult wall for me...as you can see the front door is on the right (rarely used) and then there is a door that is on the left of the picture...this is to the hallway.}

{the first thing we did when we bought the house was clean...clean...clean. then we painted....everything.}

{here again is another shot of that long odd wall...the front door is no longer that style...that will be addressed later...and see the odd door that goes to the hallway? we removed the actual door as well as the door that lead to the kitchen...leaving just a doorway to each area.}
{today...we have the same paint color that we've had since we moved in 5 years ago...there are quite a number of items on our list that we'd like to address. i'll be sharing more ideas with you soon...i need to make my list and check it twice before i show you....}

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