*and so it begins...*

{the clearing of the room...}
{...it feels so weird to have this room cleaned out (these pics were taken right before everything was taken out). i kind of feel like we are moving. oh that would be so sad. but as i write this...b is already taking off the baseboards, crown and casing. he is not wasting any time. we have hated the ranch casing that was only used in this room and the make shift crown molding that was added to the ceiling. yuck!}
{we picked up our paint today. we decided to go with Benjamin Moore Feather Down. we will start to prime and paint the walls this week. i'm really excited to see how the new color transforms the room!}
{oh and in case you are wondering where all our furniture went...considering our house is only 1300 square feet...}

{in the future nursery room of course...all neatly stacked and piled...waiting to be put back in the new living room.}

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