*changing it up*

{you may have noticed some new things around here...like the new column over


....this is new home of our adoption journey. i mentioned at the beginning of the year that i really wanted to keep you all in the loop of our adoption process. well when thinking about this blog and incorporating all our adoption information...i didn't feel it was right to add it all to the right column. after all..it's plum.tree information. it just did not feel right. our adoption is very important and i didn't want it to wind up at the bottom of the blog. so i created a left column that will only display information about our adoption. this column will be temporary...once our baby comes home..we won't need to display the waiting information any more. i might keep it for other purposes..but we'll see as time goes by. for now...it's all about our little one! if you notice...the counter at the top..we are close to 10 months of waiting. i was talking to my dad yesterday about the waiting process and how i feel that time has actually gone pretty quickly for us. let's hope that it keeps going like this...then in no time...i'll be able to post the title "It's a_____!!!}
{let me know what you think...image via flickr.}
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