*Happy 2010!*

{Happy New Year Everyone!}
{can you believe it's 2010? after the first of the year, we always feel like we need to go through the entire house and clean out the clutter! plans for each room have been made and as you know our living room is on the top of the list! more on that later...another item on the list are my two blogs.}
{as many of you know, my husband and i are in the process of adopting. yay! we are expected to get our referral picture anytime between june and august of this year. double yay! we currently have a blog that is purely dedicated to our adoption journey, and for some time i have been bothered with not showcasing our adoption news on this blog. after all this blog is where i showcase everything else..so it only feels right to share our most important news as well. i feel that the closer we get to our referral it will be much easier if i was able to maintain one blog rather then two. so this month, i will be working on adding a third column that will be dedicated to our adoption! stay tuned....}
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