*it's been 10 months...*

{since we started our adoption process...can you believe it? in some ways it feels like time has flown by and in other ways it's feels like we've been waiting for a very long time. i have spoke to a couple people recently about the wait and we actually feel very lucky to have this time to prepare. b and i have made a list of items we want to get done before little one arrives. since we don't know when that will be, we'd like to get the major items done before this summer. one of the major items is the living room project (we made good progress this weekend..will post later on this!). another one...is of course the little one's room...i can't wait to get started this! there are events (small family get togethers, morgan visit, greenville trip and more) planned for the next couple months and i know the months are just going to fly by...before we know it...summer will be here (relief for some of our northern relatives)
and hopefully we'll know what our precious one looks like!}
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