*the launch*

{i am SO very excited....one of the items that i wanted to get done (last) this year was launching my very first website. i can finally say that plum tree studio now has it's very own website! with the help of my amazing friend malene...she showed me how to get started on my site, how to design the pages...and then yesterday...after many hours of tweaking...she showed me how to launch my site. there are still things that need to be tweaked...but i'm very happy with it all! i tried really hard to get plumtreestudio as the domain but believe it or not...that was taken. so after many different ideas...i decided to go with plumtreestudiokids. so do you wanna see it? check it out here...then if you'd like...come back and let me know what you think...do i need to add something...take something away...i'd love your input!}
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