*another for baby*

{you might have noticed the small bag on top of the dresser in the last post...yup...it's another thing for baby...b and i visited a lovely antique shop a couple weekends ago and found a bag of vintage block letters. we couldn't help ourselves...we had to get them. the giraffe...well that is from this past weekend. do you remember me telling you about our experience at pbkids? well the white giraffe is from that day.}

{this little giraffe was on a high shelf kind of in the corner of the store...isn't he cute...he's a coin bank. well i grabbed him off the shelf and didn't put him down. after walking through out the store, we noticed that he was the only one left. perfect! b and i decided he was coming home with us. now our baby has a piggy...i mean a giraffe bank.}
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