*my valentine*

{so how did your Valentine's Day turn out? ours was a little different then b and i had planned due to the snow we got on friday...BUT it was perfect. it was a laid back Valentine, just the way i like it. i really did not care to go out to a restaurant for a Valentine's dinner...so yesterday morning, after church, we went to the grocery store and picked up some items which included these fresh blueberries and raspberries. we came home and made a delicious waffle breakfast. it was perfect. after breakfast was over we headed to the mall and went shopping. fun! b bought me some perfume that i picked out...i'm picky with my smell. ;) we also picked up some items from pottery barn for the house (Happy Valentine's Day house!)...but the best part about the mall shopping was going to pottery barn kids. i enjoyed looking at everything with b and discussing ideas and thoughts about little one's room and the future. it was so very exciting knowing that this was not wishful dreaming/thinking...this actually will happen this year. we picked up a couple items while we were there for little one...i can't wait to show you on wednesday's "for baby" post! i hope you all had a very special Valentine's Day!!}

{here are the beautiful light pink tulips i got from b on friday...i created this "LOVE" sign for Valentine's Day two weeks ago...i hung it from our dining room cabinet to help give our house a little more festive feel. i really like how it turned out...so i think i'm going to reuse this sign idea for other holidays in the future...it's super easy!}
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