*things to learn*

{so my co-worker...the one who i was talking to about Alice in Wonderland. well she just started a blog recently called grafite...and yesterday she showed me a video that she posted ...it made me smile and laugh each time i watched it (yes...i watched it a couple times...i loved it that much!)...you should totally check it out here...it's called things to learn!! you'll love it and want to watch it more then once...trust me!}
{oh and by the way...my co-worker...alyssa...she's an amazing designer, very witty and has the best sense of humor! i feel so privileged to know her. she has done some really incredible projects...and she's got some more up her sleeve...you should check out her recent projects while you are on her blog! enjoy!}
{have a happy friday! i will...my b is finally back after a week long business trip.}
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