*for baby*

{i have a deep love for Richard Scarry books...i adore all of the illustrations...such great memories. i've been wanting to get some of his books for our little one...but the ones we've found have been a little expensive. i guess because he's a classic? well this past week..we hit a Scarry jackpot. my younger sister took me to a "weecycle" while i was visiting her. basically the weecycle was a huge sale of baby and kids items...some of the items were brand new and some were used. i picked up the large book in the back (12 books in one!). then my older sister and dad brought a stack of books for my younger sister to look through...she let me go through them as well and there was the green Scarry book on the left. i of course called dibs and she obliged. the two in front where a dollar in the Target dollar section! the orange one on the right...b and i found this one over the weekend at our local bookstore. it's a golden book. with all the books that we've gotten in the past couple months...i'm thinking our little one will need a shelf!}

{like this one from pbkids...or this one. they look pretty simple to make...i'm thinking that my dad could knock one of these out for little c...we might just have to ask.}
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