{after spending the week with my sisters, nieces and dad...i feel so fulfilled
..so lucky and so loved. one of the reasons for the visit was to spend some time with my younger sister, her husband and my niece shiloh before they move to california. they leave in may for camp pendleton...and i'm so terribly sad. i'll have to get adjusted to the new time difference...we are currently on the same time...but when she moves..she'll be three hours behind. boo. i do have to admit that it felt great not getting on the internet this past week...but now that i am back...i have a ton to share with you all! let's start with these little piggies above...aren't they adorable? they belong to shiloh...after spending time with her..i've learned just how animated she can be..}

{this is shiloh's happy face..in the bath tub...with a soapy mohawk...}

{and this is her sad face...which made me laugh out loud every single time her mom would ask her to show me her sad face...intimidating huh? her dad is a marine...now do you know where she gets it from? lol.}

{i brought shiloh a hooded sweatshirt that i created...it was so cute on but i could never get her to turn so that i could take a picture of the appliques that i added...}

{during our visit...we had a small belated birthday celebration with hats, streamers, a princess table cloth and more..it was for my niece, victoria (her birthday is 4 days before mine) and myself. we picked up this small ice cream cake from baskin robbins...it said it fed 2-4 people...we got 9 - 10 slices out of it...}

{this is the birthday girl...victoria. she turned a whopping 5 last month...boy does time fly...i remember when she was shiloh's age!}

{i had been collecting small birthday gifts for her since january and had a blast putting her bag together...}

{one of the items i got for her were these four vintage ballerina prints from etsy...i was so excited to get them for her since she had just started ballet lessons just a couple weeks ago.}
{it was sad to leave my family after having so much fun with them...but i was eager to get home to b. :) my two sisters are amazing mothers...each with a daughter. i feel very fortunate and blessed to have them in my life......i look forward to the day that i can call them up and have "mother-talks".
some day soon...i hope.}
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