*for baby*

{oh how i love this blanket...i found it on a site that has the cutest name...my sweet muffin. i also found some other items that i had to add as a favorite...}

    {okay...so i have to admit...the little one in this picture is what caught my eye...but i do really like the wall decal behind her...}

{this romper is way too cute...i love the owl with the top hat..lol.}

{i'm not big on things being left in the car...i'm actually one of those people that like to keep my car clutter free...that means nothing in the backseat or front seat..no extra coats, bags, shoes etc. so of course...this organizer is right up my alley. i even don't mind that it has the cute little graphics.}
 {i love wooden toys. my dad made quite a number of toy trucks, cars and other objects a couple years ago. he was getting rid of them and asked me if i'd like to have them. i of course was like yes i will take them...knowing i had no place for them in my tiny home...but they were all handmade by my dad...how could i pass them up? so i've been secretly hoping that one day soon, i'll be able to get them down from the neatly packed box they've been living in and this giraffe domino set reminded me of the items my dad created and i think they would go very well together.}
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