*hsj + pattern = so much fun!*

{you are saying...how adorable...right? well i've been following hop skip jump's blog for years now. i've admired fiona's incredible talent (as demonstrated above!) along with her fabric selections for each and every stuffed animal/doll she creates. so i finally did it...i bought one of her patterns. she has three right now...

{i bought the Jack Rabbit...i'm super excited to start this pattern. i won't be able to do anything with it until the end of this month but i can't wait to start picking out the fabrics...i'm not just making it for fun...i'm making it for little c. i think i'm going to make one in a gender neutral theme...then once we know the sex...i'll make the gender neutral Jack..a friend.}

{here's two of hop skip jump's finished rabbits...wanna make one? click here for her shop..she also sells finished creations too!}
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