*little itty bitty c support committee*

{you all know we went to nashville this past weekend. well we went for a couple reasons...1. my photoshoot for plum.tree.studio...2. to see our good friends, cory and julie (plus their two little ones)...and 3. julie's mom's surprise birthday party. we've known julie and cory for a little over 10 years now and we've been visiting nashville for just about that long. in that time, we've grown close to not only cory and julie but their two daughters as well as some of their family members and friends. we have felt for a long time and even refer to them as our second family. well back to this past weekend...the birthday party for julie's mom...really wasn't for her like we had thought. b and i helped set up the party and get the food prepared and about a half an hour before everyone was supposed to show up...julie handed us an envelope...and in that envelope was an invite to our surprise baby shower! we were so baffeled...and it took us a while to digest it because we really did think it was a party for julie's mom. we could not believe that our friends had put a party together for us. they invited some of their family members that we are close with as well as some of their friends that we have become friends with as well. it was such an amazing feeling...we feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives, that care about us and are very eager and excited for our little one to come home. i hope to have more pictures to show you of the party as well as more details of the event. the party was cory and julie's part in the little itty bitty c support committee, this was their gift to us...pretty incredible gift huh?}

{thank you to cory and julie for all your hard work and to all of our nashville friends who helped make us feel like we were on top of the world!!}
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