*open sesame*

{err...i mean close sesame...this weekend, b and i tackled an item that's been on our to do list for a long time. one of our bedroom doors does not close all the way. so my husband borrowed a planer from our good friend...we took the door off it's hinges...planed two sides and then rehung it. thinking that is all we would have to do to solve the problem...ha...after rehanging it we realized we were so wrong.}

{so...we decided to get out the hand held sander. there were many...many layers of paint on both the door and the frame which caused uneven surfaces all over. so the sander was used to smooth these surfaces down. it took a couple times of sanding then doing the closing test and then back to the sander to finally get it...}

{to close!!! to all those who've stayed in our guest room...we finally have a door that closes (all the way) for you...well...now it will be for the baby. sorry! ;) up next on the list...repainting all the interior doors, trim and walls in the hallway! yay!}
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