*out with the old and in with the droid....*

{this weekend...we had to replace our "old" cell phones. we have had them for over 2 years and in cell phone years...that's a long time. our phones had been great up until a couple months ago when the phone would lock up or the screen would go solid white..dropping your call and then the darn phone wouldn't reset itself....pretty annoying when you are talking to your husband that is away on a business trip. both myself and b thought it was sprints way of letting us know it was time to renew. so we went to our local sprint store...told the nice lady what we (i mean he...) needed and we walked out with the htc hero phones...so far so good. it's like a mini lap top. i get a sweet little "bing" when someone has e-mailed me or left a comment on my blog. pretty neat. we'll really put them to the test when we use the starbucks finder app...hehe...}
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