{Let's CELEBRATE!! what are we celebrating? well i'm a little early (due to a family vacation coming up)...but...my little ol' shop turns THREE very soon!} 

{i have to admit...the first year and a half i had my shop open...i really didn't do anything for it...i had a full time job and when i got a sale i would say hurray...someone found me! i never advertised my shop, never did any giveaways, facebook wasn't around and i would update my shop only when a new item would come along...which wasn't often. so a year and a half ago, that all changed...and here we are! so what are we going to do to celebrate you ask? well i have decided to give:

{on ALL ORDERS from now until June 2nd!
wanna take advantage of the free shipping...well come on over to my shop and take a look around!} 
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