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{so i have been researching cloth diapers....not the "old fashion" kind called prefold ones...sorry i just can't do those. i've been looking into the many other options of cloth diapers. i have seen how much standard diapers are and i've heard/read about the many many diapers that grace our landfills. i'd really like to be one of those parents that don't contribute "as much" to the landfill. also the idea of not having to buy diapers every couple weeks/months is very appealing and would greatly benefit us. so in my research....i found this video on youtube that described the different types that are now offered...and the lady gave me some good insight...since i really didn't know much about this topic and haven't really been exposed to it. plus it answered the questions that i had in the back of my mind...probably the same ones everyone else has when thinking about cloth diapers. i also found this great website that just so happens to be referenced in the youtube video...it's called nicki's diapers...this site is awesome..it's full of detailed information that i found incredibly helpful. after reviewing the diaper options..i'm leaning more towards two different kinds...}

{the pocket diaper (pictured in the first picture too...look at all the choices!!). i like this one because of the flexibility it gives you for coverage. meaning you can add an extra liner if needed...something that might be useful at night. i also like this because you don't have to worry about putting a diaper cover over it. the outer layer has the waterproofing already built in. one thing that i really like about this diaper is that it will grow with your child...you just adjust the snaps as your baby grows. some people say the con about this diaper is that you have to stuff the insert after the wash...but they do love the fact that it dries quickly. i'm thinking i would probably use these more for night then day.}

{the other diaper that i like is the all in one diaper...the all in one means no stuffing a liner...it's already built into the diaper plus the outer layer is waterproof just like the pocket diaper...no diaper cover needed. these also grow with your child by just adjusting the snaps...love that! i'm thinking these would be great for day time diapers. the con they say to this diaper is slow drying time...but the pro they say is they are easy to use and almost like using a standard diaper. great for quick changes! the only thing now is that i'm not sure exactly which manufacture i would like to use for either of these options...more researching...}

{then i read about these diapers last night...they are called Best Bottom. they are similar to the pocket diapers but you don't actually stuff the insert, you snap it. so they say when your baby needs a diaper change..you snap out the soiled insert and then snap a new one in and go...i wonder how easy it really is to snap out the soiled insert without getting something on your hands. eek. but i do like that they are easy to wash and dry...and that they have two different types of insert options..one for day and a heavier one for night...and oh that they will grow with your child like the other two diapers.}

{something else i learned that i thought was a good piece of advise...i was also talking to a fellow blogger (kris) who is also a mom...regarding cloth diapers and organic diapers. she mentioned that a friend of hers uses cloth diapers but when they travel they use the Seventh Generation diapers. these diapers are just like standard Huggies or Pampers..but they are soft like cloth diapers and they are chlorine free. i can defiantly see the benefits of using these for travel...and even if someone watches the little one....this way the person feels more comfortable changing him or her.}

{well that is what i have learned so far...i'm still researching and trying to figure it all out..if any of you have used a cloth diaper and you either love it or hate it...let me know. i'd love to hear feedback from first hand users! makes all the difference. oh and if you have a favorite brand of cloth diaper...would love to hear that too!} 
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