*small adoption update*

{so after finding out that the referral waiting period had grown from 12 months (from the time your home study is approved...ours is june 26,2009)...to 14 months...to now 16 months..we decided to ask our adoption specialist where we stood in the whole adoption process. we just really wanted to know how far down the list we were. after a couple e-mails back and forth...we finally found out that there is still one atlanta family from 2008 that is waiting for a referral. we also found out that there are two 2009 families (we are apart of the 2009 7 waiting families) that are ahead of us. that means that currently we are #4 on the waiting list.  what we've been told is that as of now...we are looking at possibly getting our referral...not in june or july like we had hoped...but in october. we know that this can always change and we pray that it does but what ever happens is for a reason. so we feel good knowing where we finally stand but we understand this can always change at any moment...we pray for the better....just a small update...until the next time.}

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