{a lot going on this week...}

{1. according to bethany's blog...there were six referrals for bethany families...awesome...
i so hope this keeps up!}

(2. a blog family that i have been following finally got their travel call! yay!! so excited for them!}

{3. tomorrow is a very special day for us...stay tuned...}

{4. this saturday is the mark of our 1 year home study "anniversary"..which means we've been waiting for a year so far for our referral. phew...glad we got that under our belt! we contacted our adoption agency this week to set up a revised home study appointment. it's something that we were told we would need to do if we were still waiting after a year. we got the appointment made and that will happen some time in early july....} 

{so that's what's going on this week....}
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