*YAY...I'M BACK!!*

{it has been since last friday...our phone has been down and that means no internet...GULP. the lovely people (and i mean this very sarcastically) at AT&T have left us hanging for the past 6 days without any service. there was no rhyme or reason for us losing our phone line..we didn't have any bad weather come through the area and the obvious..we paid our bill. so we called AT&T on saturday to let them know that we had no phone service and no internet only to have them tell us that we would have to wait. the customer service person told us that the latest would be thursday july, 1st (tomorrow)...but swore that we wouldn't have to wait that long. well here we are...wednesday afternoon with no call from AT&T...and still no service. what a crock! after many complaints on my end...my wonderful (and i really do mean wonderful..well more like amazing) husband took measures into his own hands and contacted the company called CLEAR...in less then 24 hours...they sent us a modem...and less then 2 minutes...i was able to set it all up and i am online once again! THANK YOU CLEAR AND GOODBYE AT&T!!!}

{image via velvetimages}
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