*a cREaTive package*

{i got the sweetest packages in the mail...they were both from my good friend rachel!}

{she sent me two very special packages for our baby shower! she tried to come and surprise me in Indiana...but it didn't work out. so she mailed a gift and then had another one sent to our house. little did she know that they both arrived on the same day!} 

{the first package i opened was from a sweet etsy shop who had wrapped the gift in red, white and blue wrapping and added a sweet little card letting me know it was from rachel...}

{inside the tissue wrapping was the cutest little artist smock!! to be honest i hadn't really given much thought into doing art projects with our little one...let alone projects he or she would have with their dad....but when i held this little smock in my hand...my first thoughts were of my husband. when he was little he used to LOVE to color. he was so good at it...that he actually won a bunch of local coloring contests. later in high school art classes...he  would paint with watercolors and even created some pottery (that i still have) for me!
this wasn't all...this smock went along with another package....}

{the next package had the sweetest little sticker...as you can see. i love those postage stickers! inside the neatly packaged tupperware container was the most essential items to be as cREaTive as possible! this was the best gift...some thing we won't be able to use until little c is older...but a gift that will be used for a very very long time..i only hope that little c will love to craft and create as much as his mom and dad did (and still do)!}

{we love love love our gifts rachel!! you are the best girl!!! we can not wait to see little c in his or her smock!! xoxox!}
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