*a mini project...*

{i've had these mini stars from bombas craft (an etsy shop that has unfortunately closed) for a couple months. i bought them with the intention of making something...but they ended up on a shelf in a pile. so after deciding that i needed to give my craft room a mini face lift (more on that later), i finally got them out.}
{i took a needle and some floss and then started to thread each star onto my floss. after doing quite a few one...at....a....time. i decided to get smart, i stacked a couple stars together and then very carefully put them on my sewing machine with the presser foot securing them down. i then used my machine's balance wheel and drove my thread-less needle into the top of the stack of stars. (does that make sense?) this created a hole at the top of the stars which allowed me to thread more then one at a time.  it made the process go sooooo much faster. once i had all my stars on my floss, i knotted the end and then hung the mini star banner from a "newly hung frame. i love how it turned out, it's so dainty and cute. makes me want to create more mini banners...if only i had bought more of the star clusters before bombas closed.}
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