*Saturday Shower...beware long post!*

{me (with flat pancake hair due to the humidity) and my aunt sue.}

{the first of our two showers was given by my two sisters and my aunt sue. this shower was planned many many months ago when we thought we'd be getting our referral by june/july. after finding out that our referral had been delayed and then again...and again...we decided to go ahead and continue with the party even though we wouldn't know the sex or age. we felt this would be the best time for all of our family to gather not to mention, it didn't run into any holidays so it made it easier on us (and others) to travel. }

{my sisters and their girls...before the shower.}

{the invites were designed by my etsy friend, alison from the english pea! as you can tell per the invites...the colors were lime and raspberry. my aunt and sister's decorated the shower using these colors. they did such a lovely job...i really did not capture it the way it should have been on my camera...but i'll try and explain the details that made it so incredibly special...}

{there were these two frames on a table when you walked in that said "forever" & "family" in both korean and english....these were framed so that we could take them home and put them in little c's room...
how sweet is that?}

{one of the decorations that i LOVED was a family tree that was made up of all the family members who attended the shower...on each card was some one's name. under that name was how they were related to us...whether it be uncle/aunt/niece etc..the part that i loved the most was that they had incorporated the korean and english version for each family member...}

{seeing b's name on the tree...and then seeing his "title"...made me tear up. i loved seeing this. the tables were decorated with colorful papers, tea lights, paper lanterns and green table cloths. over the food table hung pink, raspberry and lime colored tissue balls...and of course the food was amazing...aunt sue and jenny had made a bunch of delicious dishes...one that was really mouth watering was this one...yum!!}

{there were four boxes set up on another table, these were filled with different candies which were later given as prizes. the boxes were labeled b, d, c and 3...which was basically..b for my husband, d for me, c for little c and 3 because we equal 3. does that make sense? well the b,d and c had candies and by each box there was a note. this one above had little almond joy bars in it...the note card said: "for all the joy your little one will bring you!"...in case you can't read the note. it was so cute.}

{we played one game since it was a co-ed party (something i really wanted.)...it was something i hadn't played before but it was so much fun to watch. the guests had to take a paper plate and put it on their head and then draw what they thought our little baby would look like...it was quite comical to see this part. after everyone was done, they had to turn the plate in to us. b and i then had to choose three winners....this was so hard. a lot of them were too funny...here are the top three we chose (above) which got to choose from one of the three boxes mentioned above.}

{one of the things that the guests were asked to do was bring a book, a favorite of theirs along with their gift to help start little c's library. my dad gave us a very sweet book and addressed it to our little one. this brought on more tears...and still does. we were very much in love with Disney books growing up.}

{a gift we were so excited to receive was this bag we had registered for. i love it! the colors are adorable. it can function as a diaper bag but i was thinking this would be great for an overnight bag (maybe to great aunt sue's house..hehe) or it can be used as little c's bag to place his or her favorite books and toys....oh and little frankie the dog was included in the bag...love little frankie...i only hope our little one likes real dogs!}

{another book that was super special was this golden book from my uncle dave (and aunt jari). there was a story behind this book. i don't know if you can tell but this golden book is not like the small ones that we are used to today. it's actually quite large. this book used to belong to my uncle. one day a mother of a friend of his found this book at a garage sale. she looked inside the book and found his name...}

{which was written in my grandma's handwriting. she remembered that name and showed it to my uncle's friend. so my uncle's friend brought this book to him and told him the story. this book had been loved on for soooo many years and finally was
returned to it's original owner.}
{after all those years, the book is in such good shape give or take some dirt marks. my uncle decided to hand it down to our little one to enjoy. i'm not sure how much we'll let little c play with this but this book will be read to him or her for sure...and once again...it will be loved.}

{we had an amazing shower...we felt so incredibly loved and were so honored that the hosts had put so much effort into all the details including incorporating some korean.
that meant so much to us! i have so many more photos...but we'll stop here.}
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