*adoption update!*

{so for those of you not on facebook...you did not hear the exciting news that we received yesterday...we found out in the morning that a family who was before us had received their referral! to give you a little bit of information...there were 7 families selected for 2009 in the Atlanta area. these 7 families all had 2009 homestudy dates. we were one of the 7. we had no idea where we were in the mix of the 7 but we had an idea. back in april,  you might remember..we asked our adoption agency where we stood in the mix. we really just wanted a piece of mind. we found out that we were #4 in the mix. we knew at this time that 2 out of the 7 families had received referrals...leaving 5 families (us being one of them) left waiting. now in the three couples that were in front of us, we were told that there was a family from 2008 that was still waiting. this is the family that we found out about yesterday morning. after months and months of what i'm sure was just pure insanity...they received a referral! thank you lord. bumping us up to #3 on the list...but there is a twist....}

{after work, my husband and i got together to enjoy the fact that after three months of no movement..we finally moved up a spot. well last night, i got the best e-mail ever. we were told by a new friend of ours who is also amongst the 2009 families...that another couple in front of us (in front of us means their homestudy was before ours) received a referral....and also that another couple had decided to put their adoption on hold. this took us awhile to realize but this meant that we should be
one on the list...leaving only three couples left out of the 7...us being one of the three!!!}

{so there it is...the update on our adoption...a piece of awesome news!!!! now this does not guarantee that we'll get a referral any time soon...but hopefully it does mean that it's now sooner then later...maybe sooner then December like our agency told us...YAY!!!}

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